Rick Scott says he will spend $25 million in early 2014 to define his opponent (read: Charlie Crist)

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On the day before Charlie Crist’s birthday, his looming opponent, Governor Rick Scott, has a not-so-nice warning for him if Crist chooses to run for Governor in 2014.

“I will have $25 million in the bank by the end of the year and will use it in early 2014 to define my opponent,” Scott says in an interview with National Review.

Scott is too prudent to identify his opponent of choice, but people around him are spreading the word that they prefer Crist. Their thinking goes like this: Rick Scott has never won the affection of the Republican base, but it will turn out in droves to vote against the turncoat Crist. Put a big turnout together with a bombs-away media budget, an improving state economy, and a vintage GOP year, and — kaboom! — Scott wins big.

The author of this profile on Crist vs. Scott writes that he’s not buying this conventional wisdom. 

“The polls are never dispositive, but, as always, they are suggestive. Last winter, Crist led Scott in head-to-heads by six points. This spring, it was ten points. Earlier this month, it was 14 points. Read those numbers however you will, spin them as passionately as you can, they still spell trouble for the incumbent. When the typical Floridian looks at Charlie Crist, the polls suggest, he doesn’t see a pandering, chameleonic political hack. He sees, more often than not, a nice-guy politician who is responsive to changing voter attitudes. Just as one man’s Mede is another man’s Persian, so to speak, one man’s flip-flopper can be another man’s dutiful public servant. Redundantly, Charlie Crist has changed his views on wedge issues — abortion, immigration, education, gay marriage, and lots of other things. But so have many Floridians. What’s not to like? asks the typical Florida voter.”

Jeez, what does it say about Scott that he’s already lost the National Review crowd?



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