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Is Bill Nelson’s re-election race really a “Lean Democrat” in 2018?

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U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is set for a tough reelection battle next year, but for some reason Sabato’s Crystal Ball decided look past that and peg him as the likely victor in 2018. The blog post lists Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s seat as leaning toward the Democrats and even goes so far as to give Nelson “the benefit of the doubt” due to him winning statewide several times. Sure, that’s true, but if you can’t see the Nelson’s weaknesses and the many paths Republicans could use…

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Infamous dates: The moments that influenced Florida politics in 2016

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Everyone expected Florida to play an important role in politics this year. And why wouldn’t they? Presidential hopefuls hailed from here; the state’s electoral votes were coveted; and its Senate race could have determined control of the U.S. Senate. But just like many predictions in 2016, some of the prophecies for Florida’s outsized role on the national stage fell flat. Many believed a Sunshine state politico would be a presidential nominee (not quite right) or that the election would hinge…

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With its Lego project, the Tampa Bay Times crushes my hopes and dreams

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Last week, the digital geniuses at the Tampa Bay Times debuted a multimedia presentation that used animated Lego figures and constructions to tell a complicated story about a planned toll road on the Howard Frankland Bridge. “How the plan to fix Tampa Bay’s most important bridge fell apart, told in Legos” from Eli Zhang, Caitlin Johnston, Anthony Cormier, and Martin Frobisher is an absolute must-click for its combination of shoe-leather reporting and “Everything Is Awesome” visualization. It’s a great read. It’s visually stunning. It’s also — to…

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AFP Florida conveys to lawmakers their holiday wish list for 2017

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Americans for Prosperity-Florida is getting in the holiday spirit, playing off a classic Christmas poem to highlight the organization’s 2017 priorities. The statewide organization launched a new web ad Monday that is meant to target Florida lawmakers over the holiday season. The AFP-FL ad — called “A Holiday poem to FL lawmakers” — asks Floridians to tell the House and Senate to make taxes fair, end political favoritism, be good stewards of transparent government, and empower Florida children with the…

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Alan Grayson files bill named after Tampa youth to promote civil rights compliance

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In perhaps his last act as a member of Congress, Orlando-area Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson announced Friday he was filing the “Andrew Joseph III Act,” a bill which requires any jurisdiction seeking a specific federal grant to have an independent civilian review board in place. In February of 2014, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies ejected 99 students from the Florida State Fair, including Joseph, a 14-year-old African American, for rowdy behavior during the annual Student Day – a day off from Hillsborough County…

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Florida’s congressional delegation scores big WIIN, funding Everglades, water projects

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Florida’s Congressional delegation scored a win this week with the passage of a bill that will fund major water projects in Florida, including the Central Everglades Planning Project. Four Florida congressmen put out press releases Thursday touting their votes for The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act of 2016, which passed the House with a 360-61 vote. WIIN would provide more than $1.5 billion in funding for Florida projects, including $976 million for Central Everglades Planning Project, $308…

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Ed Narain the latest name to be floated as potential chair of Florida Democratic Party

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In the 72 hours since Allison Tant announced she would not run for another term as Florida Democratic Party chair, all sorts of names have been floated as possible successors. DNC Committeeman Alan Clendenin, former House Minority Leader Dan Gelber, former Congressman Patrick Murphy, former lawmaker Dwight Bullard and former lieutenant governor candidate Annette Taddeo are just some of Florida Democrats being mentioned in the conversation. Another is Ed Narain, the outgoing head of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, whose ascendancy in the Legislature was snuffed in August when he narrowly lost a run for…

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