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Dade City’s Wild Things accuses former employees of spying for PETA, shooting abuse video

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Two ex-employees of a local zoo are being sued by the organization after it claims the duo were spies for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Stearns Zoological Rescue & Rehab Center Inc., known as Dade City’s Wild Things, and executive director Kathryn Stearns, claim that Jenna Jordan and Delena Pennington gave PETA confidential information about the zoo. PETA allegedly obtained footage and photos from the two ex-employees, although the suit lacks evidence the content was sent by them.…

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Scientists bemoan SeaWorld decision to stop breeding orcas

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There’s one last orca birth to come at SeaWorld, and it will probably be the last chance for research biologist Dawn Noren to study up close how female killer whales pass toxins to their calves through their milk. While SeaWorld’s decision last month to end its orca breeding program delighted animal rights activists, it disappointed many marine scientists, who say they will gradually lose vital opportunities to learn things that could help killer whales in the wild. Noren got to…

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Mitch Perry Report for 3.17.16 – SeaWorld takes seminal step for animal rights

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In a major announcement, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc. said Thursday it will stop breeding captive killer whales. On the company’s blog, the company said it’s phasing out over the next three years theatrical performances featuring orcas. “We will introduce new, inspiring, natural orca encounters rather than theatrical shows, as part of our ongoing commitment to education, marine science research and the rescue of marine animals.” For years, animal rights activists had protested in vain that holding such animals in captivity was the…

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SeaWorld acknowledges planting worker in animal rights group

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SeaWorld acknowledged that it sent its own workers to infiltrate an animal rights group which opposed the practices of the theme park. The development comes months after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals accused a SeaWorld employee of trying to incite violence while posing as a fellow animal rights activist. SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Joel Manby vowed Thursday to end the practice, but said that it had sent its employees to protect the safety of its employees and customers. “We…

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