Dixon commented above the photo: “How the budget really works? The names of outside requesters and hand written notes never seem to be part of conference process.”

Rosica quoted that tweet, saying, “Stay tuned. He’s got something brewing…”

Corcoran later chimes in with his own tweet: “(G)one will be the days of ‘back of the envelope’ budgeting – VERY soon. When Matt yells at me, I remember #Sunshine.”

The Orlando Sentinel’s Gray Rohrer slips in a crack: “Only napkins from now on?”

Dixon also tweets, “Believe there was also some eye rolling,” to which Corcoran responds, “(J)ust a needed and overdue dose of transparency and sunshine. Stay tuned!”

What did Corcoran, the House Appropriations chairman for the last two years, mean?

When he was designated a year ago, the Land O’ Lakes Republican talked about a new “legislative culture of purpose” that includes, among other things, a more open budget process.

In 2012, he and other freshman GOP House members wrote an 86-page policy paper called Blueprint Florida.

“The budget should reflect the values and priorities of Florida’s people,” the paper says. “…We will strive for a level of transparency in setting priorities and expending funds never before achieved.” It doesn’t spell out how to do that, however.

Were the tweets a hint of things to come? Has the Speaker-D come up with the details to realize his ideal budget process? As he said, stay tuned…..