10 things George Washington would have Tweeted

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The idea of George Washington using Twitter is a bit ludicrous. Such technology could have greatly altered the events of American history. However, let’s imagine the father of our country had the ability to Tweet into the future. Perhaps we would have a more accurate account of his life, his thoughts and history as it actually unfolded. This would be a vast improvement on the watered down, uninteresting and often inaccurate accounts depicted in our history books.

What are 10 of the things George Washington would have tweeted?

Rules of Civility – Writing down rules to live by. 110 rules are a lot to remember for a boy of 16! Hope 2 measure up.

Martha – Met Martha Custis only 3 wks ago and saw her once since but plan to ask 4 her hand. Hope she accepts! Pkg deal with 2 kids in tow.

Pledge – Just pledged my life, fortune and sacred honor to the revolution. Sure need to protection of divine providence to pull this off.

Valley Forge – Why can’t that continental congress cough up some $ for these suffering soldiers? No shoes or pants! Hard 2 keep up morale but must try.

Secret meeting – Soldiers had secret meeting to kill congress and I showed up 2 plead 4 sanity. Had 2 wear glasses & revealed my weakness. They h8 me.

Call to duty – Those ingr8s still want me to be president. Have I not given enough? Just want to be a farmer. Mount Vernon will have 2 wait.

King or president – Served my 2 terms and I’m outta here. Many think &/or fear I will become king. Setting example hope others will follow. 8 yrs is enough.

Farewell address – Alex Hamilton wrote my last speech but it needs some work. Not going to read it aloud. Putting it in the papers is enough.

Fate of the Constitution – I fear that human depravity will bring about the demise of all we worked so hard to achieve. Lust 4 power and lack of morals=doom.

Last days – 12-13-1799 Spent yesterday on my horse in snow and rain. Feel rotten and my throat hurts. Some bed rest should help my 67 yr old bones.

George Washington died of possible pneumonia the following day, December 14, 1799. He tried hard to live a virtuous life and would never have chopped down a cherry tree so he never would have had to lie about it. How ironic for someone to make up a story to portray Washington’s honesty when there were so many true examples to choose from. If only we could find another person with his integrity and leadership qualities for our president today. Perhaps we would have a chance to resolve some of the insurmountable challenges we have facing our nation and the world.

— Cross-posted with permission from Kate Croston.

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