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“4th Floor Files” talks to Marc Dunbar about Jim Tillman, Darrick McGhee and gaming

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The latest installment of the 4th Floor Files features Marc Dunbar of Jones Walker. Here’s the file on Marc.

Significant other? Children? Grand kids?

Wife, Chollet; Kids, Conner, 16, Tyler, 13, Baylor, 8

In 25 words or less, explain what you do.

Tour guide through Florida’s laws and government for foreign visitors that don’t speak the language.

Without using the words Democrat, Independent or Republican, conservative or liberal, describe your political persuasion.

Right wing nut, with civil libertarian leanings.

If you have one, what is your motto?

No motto.

During your career, have you had a favorite pro bono client?

Friends with legal needs, did an adoption for one… Will always be a special memory.

Three favorite charities.

Church, FSU, Cards for a Cure

Any last-day-of-Session traditions?

None anymore, gift ban killed them.

What are you most looking forward to during the 2013 Legislative Session?

Hopefully passing a bill for the Campground assoc and naming it for Jim Tillman, he was a wonderful man who knew me since I was born, took me on the hunt where I killed my first buck.  He will be missed!

If you could have another lobbyist’s client list, it would be…

Darrick McGhee. I’m a big fan of the Governor and saw what my Father was able to get accomplished for Gov Martinez.  Really neat long lasting Florida legacy issues. Lobbyists and clients come and go but the stuff you get to do if you are a good LA DIRECTOR for a Governor leaves a lasting footprint on this process

Professional accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Gulfstream case win before the Supreme Court, because no one thought I could pull it off and in a weird way, it led to where gaming in Florida is today.  Long story but it is what made me relevant in the gaming practice, and the funny part of it is that it could have been settled without a published opinion, and the dominoes would have never started to fall…

Lobbyists are often accused of wearing Gucci loafers; do you own a pair of Gucci loafers? If not, why not?

No Gucci for me too much of a No Fla boy for that

Who is your favorite Florida Capitol Press Corp reporter and why?

John Kennedy, does his homework and doesn’t get blinded by a gotcha moment in his research.

Other than, your reading list includes…

Can i plug my own site, gotta tip the cap to Sayfiereview, then it’s off to the Gaming news sources from around the planet.

What swear word do you use most often?

Ugh… No comment my mom may read this

What is your most treasured possession?

Wife and kids, the rest of the stuff can burn so long as they are ok

The best hotel in Florida is…

Ritz Sarasota

You’ve just learned that you will be hosting a morning talk show about Florida politics. Who are the first four guests you’d invite to appear?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, Jim Greer

Favorite movie.

The Patriot

Before the ‘gift ban’, what was your favorite restaurant in Tallahassee? What is your favorite today?


When you pig out, what do you eat?


If you could have dinner with a historical figure no longer living, who would it be?

Babe Ruth


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