5 things I think I think about today’s Tampa Bay Times and other media

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One of the major political stories of the day is Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.  The Times‘ Adam Smith was not happy with Rubio’s choice of venue, tweeting:

@adamsmithtimes: Top takeway frm Rubio endorse of Mitt: FLSen won’t appear on my TV show, but shows 4 opening of envelope on Fox. #whining&bitterFlareporters

Rubio’s poor relations with Florida-based reporters is something Smith has sounded-off about before and I don’t think he’s whining or bitter.  Rubio better be careful about appearing too big for his britches.

Speaking of Rubio, John Romano tries to tackle the Rubio story, warning the Senator that a run at the 2012 vice presidency has more potential risk than reward:

“The vice presidency, while quite prestigious and extremely important, is also a black hole. The last stop before political careers end up on milk cartons.”

I can’t dispute the history Romano cites, but I believe it is just that, history.  The last three Vice-Presidents, Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Joe Biden, have each been very powerful figures in their respective administrations.  Being Vice-President means something in modern politics.

Also, in Rubio’s case, I think Romano needs to look one step further. Mitt Romney will likely lose to Barack Obama in 2012; being on Romney’s ticket won’t hurt Rubio, because Florida’s election laws were changed so sitting elected officials can run for federal office without resigning-to-run.  Therefore, Rubio can run for VP, fight the good fight for Romney and become titular head of the GOP after Obama wins.

The US Supreme Court’s decision not to review a $10.1 million libel case against the Times Publishing Co., is still being celebrated within the company.  Although the newspaper long since received back the bond it put up to appeal this case, the company has been reluctant to earmark the money.  But now that the case has reached its terminus, some much-needed cash can be freed up.

For any newspaper, not just the Times, cash is king.

Perhaps one of the best headlines I’ve read to top the letters-to-the-editor section, “Blueberry Festival poses real threat.”  How can you not want to read the letter that goes along with that header?

Harry Cheadle of Vice eviscerates The Conservative Teen, an ostensibly youth-centric mag written by old men from places like the Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council:

How bad is this magazine? Well, there’s the cover, which features what’s probably a stock photo of a pair of frighteningly Aryan young people. The whole magazine is filled with stock photos, actually, which is odd—if they spent money to get name-brand writers, why not pay for original images that teens might like? There’s the patronizing practice of defining difficult words for readers, like “cameo” and “sovereign” and the extremely hacky editorial cartoons (labeled “laugh out loud” after “LOL,” a popular internet expression used by young people), some of which make fun of kids for being dumb and technology-obsessed. In other words, they’re making fun of their target demographic with jokes you would find in fucking Parade magazine!

Newly released police video of George Zimmerman reveals none of the injuries that the Florida shooter was reported to have received from Trayvon Martin. The Daily Beast’s Jesse Singal on how the footage lays bare the worst, most dangerous tendencies of the Internet—and ourselves—to decide “the facts” of a case long before anyone has a clue what they are.

Politico and The Charlotte Observer … will jointly produce a special daily newspaper for the 2012 Democratic National Convention taking place in Charlotte, N.C., during the first week of September. This special edition of the Observer will be co-branded and feature unmatched reporting from both organizations’ teams of journalists on the ground. It will be distributed at key locations and convention venues around the convention city. Convention coverage will also appear in copies of the Observer distributed to all readers. ‘We are excited to partner with such a well-respected newspaper for one of the most pivotal events of the 2012 election cycle,’ said Politico Editor-in-Chief John F. Harris.

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