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Allison Tant: ‘Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in living memory’

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The chair of the Florida Democratic Party is scolding Republican candidates for supporting Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in living memory, and every Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Florida believes he has passed the commander and chief test,” said Allison Tant in a statement. “Their willingness to turn over the most powerful military in the world to a pathological liar with poor impulse control disqualifies them from serving the people of Florida in the Senate.”

On Wednesday, Carlos Beruff urged “all Republicans to unite behind Trump.”

“Beating Hillary Clinton in November should be the first goal of all Republicans,” Beruff said in a statement. “Donald Trump is the nominee of our party, and I am committed to voting for him and supporting him so that we can take our country back from the liberal policies of Obama and Clinton.”

While Beruff came right out and said he would support Trump, others have stated that they would support the Republican nominee, but not specifically naming Trump.

In a statement Wednesday, Rep. Ron DeSantis said that if Republicans want to defeat Hillary Clinton in November they “need to unite behind the Republican ticket this November.”

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera took a similar approach Wednesday when asked if he would support Trump, saying “we need a Republican president.” Todd Wilcox has said he was prepared to back the nominee.

According to POLITICO Florida, a spokeswoman for Rep. David Jolly’s campaign said Trump has won the support of Floridians and “has earned the opportunity to unify and lead the party.”

On Thursday, the state Democratic Party said the support for Trump will be remembered when voters head to the polls this year.

“Floridians from all walks of life who have been targets of Trump’s racism, sexism, and xenophobia will remember in November,” said Tant in a statement.


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