American Bridge web ad ‘welcomes’ Jeb Bush to GOP primary

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Progressives are “welcoming” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to the 2016 GOP presidential primary with a new digital ad released today,

In moving closer to a run for the White House, Bush – announcing the formation of a new Republican leadership PAC – is throwing his hat in what will “soon to be a very crowded ring,” says American Bridge 21st Century.

Greeted with headlines such as BloombergPolitics “Jeb Bush, Meet Your Many Conservative Critics,” Bush’s declaration is heating up party squabbling that will undoubtedly characterize the 2016 GOP race.

American Bridge, in its ad titled “Welcome to the GOP Primary, Jeb”, notes that Bush’s private equity issues, called “Romenyesque,” may make him a tempting potential opponent for Democrats, but not before winning over the Republican base.

Charles Krauthammer, who appears briefly in 90-second spot, warns that Bush – a moderate Republican — has not endeared himself to hardline conservatives.

I don’t think he is going to be well received as he hopes,” Krauthammer says.

Others pundits are quoted saying the GOP is hesitant over a Bush candidacy, cautioning that he is too far removed and does not have his “finger on the pulse” of modern conservative politics.

“Welcome to the GOP Primary, Jeb!” is now available on YouTube.


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