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American companies continue to turn those who invest into millionaires

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The year 2017 is gradually turning out to be perfect for investors. According to the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, the broader market is up by 9 percent, and no sign of slowing down just yet. With the year approaching its last quarter, several stocks would have made your portfolio impressive. The following companies have done well so far in the stock market, and you would wish to have invested in them.

Alphabet Inc.

You may have known it as Google because of its ubiquitous search engine that you use every time you need some knowledge from the internet. In the most recent quarter, Alphabet Inc. generated well over $24 billion, representing a 22 percent increase over the prior-year quarter. The company’s income jumped to $5.4 billion, a 29 percent increase. But it is not so much where Google is at the moment, rather where it is going. Being one of the players in artificial intelligence research, the giant search engine is likely to scale to new heights of success. If you are thinking about stockbroking, Google is the best place to start.


No single company dominates the e-commerce platform like, Inc. The e-business Titan began humbly as an online bookseller but has now morphed into a giant online store selling about almost anything under the sun. In 2016, Amazon raked in a massive $136 billion in revenues, 70 percent of which resulted from online sales. It looks to perform even better in 2017, especially after it purchased Whole Foods Market at $13.7 billion. The company has also ventured into technology, investing in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Buying into Amazon means you are investing in these fast-growing areas as well.


The undisputed king of social networks, Facebook, Inc., owns two other popular social platforms worldwide: WhatsApp and Messenger. At the beginning of 2017, Facebook boasted of a huge 2 billion monthly active users, while Messenger and WhatsApp netted 2.4 billion users combined. With such a massive customer base, it would be almost impossible for any competitor to make inroads into the social networking business. The company generated $8 billion in the last quarter alone, representing a growth of 51 percent year over year. You should consider stockbroking into this giant social networking business to reap maximum returns, and ensure your portfolio grows by double digits.


With a market cap of about $12 billion, the aerospace company listed on New York Stock Exchange as TXT may not draw a lot of attention. However, as 2017 wears on, Textron may just turn out to be a hidden gem in the aerospace world. The company has become more relevant, especially in the light of a strengthened war on terror, and regimes that are very aggressive. The company now makes air and sea drones, armored vehicles, and has invested in electronic warfare systems. Consequently, it is reaping big as the demand for these aircraft continues to grow.

Constellation Brands

If you have tasted Corona, Woodbridge or Wild Irish Rose, then you have sufficiently interacted with Constellation Brands, Inc. These brand names are so familiar in the beer industry that you would consider buying into their stocks. You may very well be aware that alcoholic beverage stocks perform very well even when the rest of the market is struggling. The high demand for alcoholic drinks makes it the best stocks to invest in and make a killing this year.

The stock market in 2017 seems to hold great potential for investors. Companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Constellation promise good returns for stock buyers this year.

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