Another script for tonight’s Capitol Press Corp Skits – starring Colin Au, Cotterell, Fineout & Klas

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The Capitol Press Corps is putting on its 57th (sometimes) Annual Skits to raise money for the Barbara Frye Journalism Scholarship tonight.  As a member (really!) of the Capitol Press Corp, I offered three scripts for skits, one of which (I’m told) will make it on to the stage.

Because I am just getting back from my honeymoon, I can’t make tonight’s event. So here’s a script I wrote inspired by Genting’s Colin Au’s profane testimony before the Legislature.

Scene starts with big sign reading “Press Skit Auditions”.  Seated at a conference table are: Ruth Herrle, Troy Kinsey, Mary Ellen Klas or whomever.

Ruth: For the last time Troy, you cannot do Charlie Crist this year.  It’s 2012, he’s been gone for two years now.

Mary Ellen: Yeah, Troy, get over it. You can start doing Charlie again in 2014.

Troy: You promise?

Ruth: In the meantime, who are we going to get to do Colin Au?

Mary Ellen: Yeah, we have to have a Colin Au skit.

Ruth: Right, except, in case you two haven’t noticed, we don’t have a lot of Asians in the Florida Press Corp.

Troy: Well, this is Tallahassee.

Mary Ellen: I’m sure Colin would be happy to buy a couple of Asian reporters and send ‘em to us. I mean, he probably still has money left over from when he bought our building.

Ruth: We are not going to bus in an Asian reporter for the Press Skits! Certainly, we have someone who looks and sounds like Colin Au.

Troy: Yeah, let’s see what we’ve got. SEND IN THE FIRST AUDITIONER.

(In walks Gary Fineout, who obviously doesn’t look like Colin Au)

Ruth: Hey Gary. You know this is an audition to be Colin Au, right?

Gary: Of course.

Ruth: Oookkkaaayyy.  Go ahead and just read what’s on the card and we’ll see if you work.

Gary: That’s bullshit.

Ruth, Mary Ellen, Troy look at each other and shake their heads.

Mary Ellen: I’m sorry, Gary.  We’re thinking something else for this part.

Gary: That’s bullshit, guys.

Mary Ellen: What’s bullshit, Gary?

Gary: Nothing.  I just like saying ‘That’s bullshit’.  That’s why I wanted this part.

Ruth: NEXT!!!

(In walks Bill Cotterell)

Troy: Bill, what are you doing here?  We’re looking for a younger Asian guy.

Bill: Aren’t we all…

Troy: What?

Bill: Nothing.

Ruth: Okay, Bill, just read what’s on the card there.

Bill, yelling: “That’s bullshit…”

Ruth: Bill, why are you yelling?

Bill: Don’t try to direct me, Ruth.  I know I can do this role.

Troy: But we’re looking for an Asian reporter to play this role.

Bill: Troy, this is Tallahassee, that’s not going to happen.

Mary Ellen: Well Bill, you’re just not right for the part…

Bill: That’s bullshit

Mary Ellen: You just like saying bullshit don’t you.

Bill: How’d you know…

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