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Associated Industries of Florida announces bipartisan Senate, House endorsements

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The Associated Industries of Florida PAC today announced endorsements in 95 legislative races in 2016, including 23 state Senate seats and 72 House seats.

“Today, we are excited to announce AIFPAC’s endorsements for candidates running for the Florida Senate and House this election cycle,” said Tom Feeney, president and CEO of AIF. “After thorough review of all of the candidates, we believe these candidates are the best and brightest to help propel Florida’s business community forward.”

Feeney said the candidates, who included both Republicans and Democrats, were evaluated on their commitment to protecting employers and workers, to broadening the state’s economic base and developing “innovative ways to entice new business to the Sunshine State.”

Here are AIFPAC’s endorsements in the Senate races, where technically there are no incumbents since the Senate map was redrawn in a redistricting process:

— (SD 3) Bill Montford (D); (SD 8) Keith Perry (R); (SD 11) Randolph Bracy (D).

— (SD 12) Dennis Baxley (R); (SD 13) Dean Asher (R); (SD 14) Dorothy Hukill (R); (SD 15) Bob Healy Jr (D).

— (SD 16) Jack Latvala (R); (SD 17) Ritch Workman (R); (SD 18) Dana Young (R); (SD 19) Edwin “Ed” Narain (D).

— (SD 22) Kelli Stargel (R); (SD 23) Doug Holder (R); (SD 24) Jeff Brandes (R); (SD 25) Joe Negron (R).

— (SD 27) Lizbeth Benacquisto (R); (SD 29) Kevin Rader (D); (SD 30) Bobby Powell (D); (SD 36) Rene Garcia (R).

— (SD 37) Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (R); (SD 38) Daphne Campbell (D); (SD 39) Anitere Flores (R); (SD 40) Frank Artiles (R).

Here are AIFPAC’s endorsements in the House races, where incumbents are noted by an asterisk:

— (HD 1) Clay Ingram (R)*; (HD 2) Frank White (R); (HD 3) Jayer Williamson (R); (HD 5) Brad Drake (R)*; (HD 6) Jay Trumbull (R)*.

— (HD 8) Ramon Alexander (D); (HD 9) Loranne Ausley (D); (HD 10) Elizabeth Porter (R)*; (HD 15) Jay Fant (R)*; (HD 16) Dick Kravitz (R).

— (HD 18) Travis Cummings (R)*; (HD 22) Charlie Stone (R)*; (HD 23) Stan McClain (R); (HD 24) Paul Renner (R)*; (HD 25) Tom Leek (R).

— (HD 27) David Santiago (R)*; (HD 28) Jason Brodeur (R)*; (HD 29) Scott Plakon (R)*; (HD 30) Bob Cortes (R)*; (HD 31) Jennifer Sullivan (R)*.

— (HD 35) Blaise Ingoglia (R)*; (HD 36) Amanda Murphy (D)*; (HD 39) Neil Combee (R)*; (HD 40) Colleen Burton (R)*.

— (HD 41) Sam Killebrew (R); (HD 42) Mike La Rosa (R)*; (HD 43) John Cortes (D)*; (HD 45) Gregory A. Jackson (D); (HD 46) Bruce Antone (D)*.

— (HD 47) Mike Miller (R)*; (HD 50) Rene “Coach P” Plasencia (R); (HD 51) Tom Goodson (R); (HD 53) Randy Fine (R); (HD 56) Ben Albritton (R)*.

— (HD 58) Daniel Raulerson (R)*; (HD 59) Ross Spano (R)*; (HD 63) Shawn Harrison (R)*; (HD 65) Chris Sprowls (R)*; (HD 66) Larry Ahern (R)*.

— (HD 67) Chris Latvala (R)*; (HD 66) Ben Diamond (D); (HD 69) Kathleen Peters (R)*; (HD 72) Alexandra “Alex” Miller (R); (HD 74) Julio Gonzalez (R)*.

— (HD 76) Ray Rodrigues (R)*; (HD 79) Matt Caldwell (R)*; (HD 80) Byron Donalds (R); (HD 82) Mary Lynn Magar (R)*; (HD 83) Gayle Harrell (R)*.

— (HD 85) Rick Roth (R); (HD 86) Matt Willhite (D); (HD 87) David Silvers (D); (HD 88) Al Jacquet (D); (HD 90) Lori Berman (D)*.

— (HD 91) Kelly Skidmore (D); (HD 92) Whitney Rawls (D); (HD 93) George Moraitis (R)*; (HD 103) Manny Diaz Jr. (R)*.

— (HD 104) Richard “Rick” Stark (D)*; (HD 105) Carlos Trujillo (R)*; (HD 106) Bob Rommel (R); (HD 107) Barbara Watson (D)*.

— (HD 110) Jose Oliva (R)*; (HD 111) Bryan Avila (R)*; (HD 112) Nicholas Duran (D); (HD 113) David Richardson (D)*; (HD 114) John Couriel (R).

— (HD 115) Michael Bileca (R)*; (HD 116) Jose Felix Diaz (R)*; (HD 118) David Rivera (R); (HD 119) Jeanette Nunez (R)*; (HD 120) Holly Raschein (R)*.

Lloyd Dunkelberger is a Tallahassee-based political reporter and columnist; he most recently served as Tallahassee bureau chief for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

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