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Bill Day’s latest: Rick Scott’s Florida-shaped salt-water pool

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Gov. Rick Scott’s “unwritten rule” banning certain words in his administration did not stop with the term “climate change.”

In addition, Scott also prohibited the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from using the terms “global warming” and “sea-level rise.” The governor would prefer the latter be called “nuisance flooding.”

No matter what you call it, sea-level rise is more than a nuisance, and is expected to threaten nearly one-third of the state’s beaches within the next 85 years.

As editorial cartoonist Bill Day sees it, that doesn’t matter to Scott, who sees the Sunshine State is one big, Florida-shaped salt-water pool, where the water is fine and everyone is welcome for a swim.

And nobody has to worry about “those words.”

As accepted science worldwide, climate change, global warming – or whatever term you choose — refers to an expansive and growing body of scientific evidence showing the planet’s environment is warming from human activity, deforestation and burning fossil fuels.

Nevertheless, Scott joined the handful of conservative politicians who remain skeptical, insisting the science is inconclusive. They stubbornly resist legislation that addresses the issue in any way. With them, a carbon tax or public policy encouraging sustainable energy is costly and burdensome to conventional industries.

In 2014, when asked his views on climate change, Scott famously responded he “was not a scientist.”

Last year, Scott agreed to meet with a group of Floridians (who ARE scientists) seeking to educate the governor about the knowledge behind climate change.

It took only 30 minutes before Scott abruptly ended the meeting.

Scott may not be a scientist, but apparently, he is not much of a student either.


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