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Blogger Chaz Stevens puts tawdry Hillsboro Beach shenanigans in his sights

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Hillsboro Beach is a tiny sliver on the Broward County coast. With just under 1,900 residents, the town is mostly known for its “Millionaires’ Mile,” a strip of beachfront property containing many of Miami’s affluent and winter homes of wealthy Canadian snowbirds.

But hidden within 1.5 square miles, Hillsboro Beach has some mighty big secrets, says Jean-Marie Mark, 56, a longtime city employee of Chinese descent. Mark served as the city’s Town Clerk from 2009 until she was unceremoniously fired in June, a result of an effort by Hillsboro Beach Mayor Richard Maggiore.

One accusation, according to a three-page list released soon after Mark was fired, is that Maggiore regularly called her a “flat-faced gook.”

If that wasn’t enough, Mark also claims a regular campaign of offenses and “unfair labor practices”: overt actions that undermined her job as City Clerk, public humiliation, falsification of public records by the Deputy Town Clerk and Police officials, double dipping gas allotments, and even marital infidelity by Police Chief Thomas Nagy.

Professional troublemaker Chaz Stevens, of the My Acts of Sedition (MAOS) political blog and the man behind the Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus pole at the Florida Capitol, posted Mark’s statement in full.

Never one to shy away from a good controversy, Stevens blasted Maggiore on a MAOS post – complete with a photo of the Mayor with a penis as his nose and calling him “Varicose Dick Vein.”

Crude? Yes. Effective? Without a doubt.

Stevens continues:

Also, what’s all this nonsense I’m hearing about BackPage adverts trading anal for blow (that’s cocaine here), a shit-ton of investigations by various alphabet agencies, destroyed public records, handing out gasoline like it’s free (hint, it’s free! since the taxpayers buy it), a free knee operation, and oodles more of good times.

“That can’t be right, can it?  That’s just too crazy…”


Stevens also suggests a litany of various illegal activities – “burglaries, drug activity, and unpaid hookers” – along with a pledge to Maggiore and the remaining city leaders: he will be the fellow who will “crawl up your sizable racist ass.”

As for actual proof of such shenanigans, well, that is sure to come later (we can only hope).

One thing is certain: once someone like Stevens has you in his sights, there will be few places to hide in the tiny hamlet of Hillsboro Beach.

Phil Ammann is a St. Petersburg-based journalist and blogger. With more than three decades of writing, editing and management experience, Phil produced material for both print and online, in addition to founding His broad range includes covering news, local government and culture reviews for, technical articles and profiles for BetterRVing Magazine and advice columns for a metaphysical website, among others. Phil has served as a contributor and production manager for SaintPetersBlog since 2013. He lives in St. Pete with his wife, visual artist Margaret Juul and can be reached at and on Twitter @PhilAmmann.

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