A blogger walks out of a bar … and into Adrian Wyllie’s supporters

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I seem to have created a tempest in a brew pot by having a little fun with Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie.

First, I love the commentary and the passion. But seriously guys, you really do need to thicken the skin a bit.

Second, I want to clear the air and re-state what I thought was fairly clear in the first post. And I am going to do it without the backdrop of bar hopping, beer or even getting near the craft brew or growler-to-go debate.

Wyllie’s message is one of less government. His message is that government is an impediment to the success of business. He is touring a bunch of businesses as a way to demonstrate that.

But he is touring thriving businesses.

If he wants to show how evil and harmful government is, he should be touring failing or struggling businesses, not ones that have a two-hour wait on a Friday night. All I was saying is that the symbolic messaging from his campaign needs a tune up … check that, it needs an overhaul.

And for those of you who said, “Peter, the Legislature was considering a bill that would have put these businesses out of business.” I say hogwash. On its face this makes no sense. For starters, there were literally hundreds of bills that the legislature considered but did not pass. And without getting into the merits of a business versus business legislative/policy dispute, the bill in question didn’t even make it to the House floor (Updated 7:48 p.m.). It died. You won. What’s the problem?

Wyllie is running on a platform that the Legislature merely considered a bad bill? His fear-factor reason for wanting to be Governor is that they killed a bill he didn’t like? They didn’t do something that Wyllie says they shouldn’t have done is not good enough.

“But Peter, they could have done it and that’s the point.”

Sure, I get that too. There are hundreds upon hundreds of things they could have done but did not. Find me something they actually did and show me how that was bad.

Look, I get it, a lot of people are frustrated with the top of the ticket and want an alternative. That’s fair.

If Wyllie is to gain any traction beyond a few anomalous polls, he needs a coherent message that clearly demonstrates where the current (or past) administrations have failed. Change it up, fellas, and give us a reason to cheer not jeer.

If he does that, I will gladly tip my glass to Adrian Wyllie.

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