Charlie Crist calls Rick Scott’s State of the State address “campaign talk”

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To Democratic candidate Charlie Crist, Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State address Tuesday was nothing more than a re-election stump speech, filled with “campaign talk and pay-to-play politics.”

“Sadly, for three years, Rick Scott has only delivered campaign talking points,” Crist says in a statement issued after the governor officially opened the 2014 legislative session. “The people have had enough.”

Crist, who is running for his old job as Florida governor, articulates the need for a leader who can “work with both Republicans and Democrats, to strengthen small businesses that create jobs, cut wasteful spending, and restore funding to our public schools, colleges, and universities.”

 Scott has done the opposite, he says.

“With the blessing of the people,” he adds, “next year I will deliver a State of the State that puts people first.”

Crist’s reminds us that we will not agree on everything, “nor should we.” 

During the campaign for governor, Crist vows to focus on principles uniting us “as Americans and Floridians,” things that are “more compelling than the issues that divide us.” 

In Scott’s address to the joint assembly of the Legislature, he mostly talked of his plans to cut taxes on small businesses, maintain tuition rates for higher education and stimulate private sector job growth— all issues expected to be significant themes in his re-election effort.

But Crist sees Scott’s words as simply partisan posturing; something the former Republican governor feels is the problem in Tallahassee.

“It is not a sin to reach across the aisle — it is an obligation. Rick Scott doesn’t get that – but I know the people of Florida do.”

“Scott had his chance,” Crist concludes. “It’s is time to put the people back in charge.”

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