Cinderella and then some, #15 seed Keyna Cory moving on to the second round of TallyMadness

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In a win as conclusive as any in the first round, #15 seed Keyna Cory defeats #2 seed Jon Johnson, pulling a conclusive 80% of the vote in TallyMadness — the online voting competition to determine Florida’s “best” lobbyist — a feat considering the level of respect and esteem both lobbyists hold.

“As a “Cinderella” I was honored to be asked to the dance,” Keyna said of her win. “But I am truly humbled by the kindness of my colleagues to me.”

Cory moves on to the second round against #7 seed Rhett O’Doski who garnered a proportional victory in his matchup with #10 seed Towson Fraser.