Common performs at the White House — and the world doesn't explode

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If Sean Hannity poses a question, there? a good chance there? nothing newsworthy in the answer, writes Joy Reid.

The Fox News also-ran, who? got to be chomping at the bit to get the spotlight back now that Glenn Beck is nearly out the door, hassparked ?oly crap, Barack Obama is a scary, black man!?meme that is the right? default whenever they get frustrated at not being able to defeat the president on policy. Cue thefake outrage:

Being biased is just another part of doing jobs at Fox News. This time, they?e suddenly changing their opinion of rapper Common now that he has received an invitation to a White House event,according to Rolling Stone.

Fox News has labeled Common as a ?ile rapper?without any support. The claim came suddenly when Michelle Obama invited him to a poetry event at the White House.

P.S.:He? also a terrorist sympathizing black nationalist commie! And you know what that means! Barack Obama is a terrorist sympathizing black nationalist commie, and so is his rapper-invitin?wife. It may not fit on a bumper sticker, but if you?e got a big enough truck, you?e all set for 2012.

Please visit The Reid Report.

Fox wasn? slowed down in the slightest by the fact that a ?eporter?from their own network interviewed Common in 2009 and gushed,?our music is very positive?ou?e known as the conscious rapper.?/a>

Jesus, take the BigWheel.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the aftermath of the Osama bin Laden killing devolved in right wing world from ?ow can we give George Bush the credit?to ?ow can we scare President Obama into not talking about killing bin Laden and benefiting politically?to ?ow can we change the subject entirely, to something racial that will get the Viagra crowd who forms Fox News?base riled up again. But picking on Common ?who even as Mayberry a character as Jay Carney understands to be a conscious hip-hop artist (just like the Fox dude said), is dumb even for a guy who thinks getting a shout-out from T-Pain makes him seem cool.

For the uninitiated, here? a sample of Hannity? pal T Pain?lyrics:

mamy you look so professional follow when you ..
i can? believe i? doing what i? doing
what is wrong with my head go ahead
?ause baby i like how you?e working it
and watching you you?e working it
i? trying get you out of this club and .. in my bed
ohh, go ahead, yeah.

now let me see the booty work, booty work,
booty work, boo booty work,
booty work, booty work, boo boo boo booty work,
go ahead, go ahead,
now let me see the booty work, booty work,
booty work, boo booty work.
left chick, right chick, left chick, right chick.

black car, black .., black shirt, black ..
there go, there go, baby girl keep on what you?e doing
there go, there go, come on girl keep on doing what you?e doing

Now that? White House material in Hannity world.

Maybe the president and first lady should have invitedhim to the White House to read poetry

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