John Boehner’s Congressional Leadership Fund spending $600,000 on Steve Southerland

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The hated “Them” has shown up in the bitter 2nd District Congressional race. The Congressional Leadership Fund, affiliated with House Speaker John Boehner, will spend up to $600,000 in the closing two weeks of the campaign to support incumbent Steve Southerland.

Turns out the Graham campaign memo released Monday warning about incumbent Congressman Steve Southerland opening a floodgate of negative ads was a preemptive strike.

The first ad buy in the latest round of spending is built around President Barack Obama’s assertion that his policies will be on the minds of voters when they go to the polls.

The commercial opens with Obama saying, “Make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”

Then a voice over announcer states, “Every single one. Including Obamacare  which Gwen Graham supports.”

Then the spot states that Graham’s allies also supported the Affordable Care Act and that the Graham campaign has received thousands of dollars from a Nancy Pelosi PAC. The spot concludes with, “ Gwen Graham won’t be independent, she’s funded by them.

The ad will run online through Election Day.

You can see a series of congressional commercials the group has produced here.

And, The National Republican Congressional Committee is out with a new ad attacking Graham’s support for “Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda even though it’s hurting North Florida seniors.”

The spot can be seen here 

The 30-second commercial will run in the Tallahassee and Panama City markets.

In the candidates’ debates Graham has reminded Southerland that he is not running against Nancy Pelosi and that she, Graham, would not support Rep. Nancy Pelosi for a leadership position.