CrackBerry revamp: Capitol joy, or too little too late?

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BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion, conducts R&D in Florida out of nearly 130,000 square feet in Broward County, but provides service to an ever-decreasing clientele in the wake of Apple and Android’s takeover of the smartphone market. 

Florida’s Capitol community may be a stronghold for BlackBerry, but even here, less and less so.

For those still loyal to their crackberries, or eager for it to offer something worth returning to, there’s good news:  the long-speculated US release date for the Z10 smartphone.

Yesterday, following the Z10’s announced release, BlackBerry shares soared 14 percent.

The Z10 will be available through AT&T starting on March 22. Verizon has not announced their release date yet, nor has T-Mobile.  Sprint will not carry the device, but has committed to carrying the BlackBerry Q10 which will feature a querty keyboard instead of touchscreen (this release should come a few months after the Z10).

For more info and excellent service, Tallahassee residents and guests can check in with David Costanzo at the Governor’s Square Mall AT&T store.