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Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Graves: Patrick Murphy — utter disrespect for women

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Living in a world that is out-of-touch with most Floridians, Congressman Patrick Murphy has consistently shown us why he is unfit for the job of congressman, much less the office of senator, a promotion he is currently seeking.

Murphy has spent his life sheltered from the real difficulties Floridians face every day and has exaggerated his life experience in a desperate attempt to make up for the fact that he has accomplished absolutely nothing in the private sector, or in his four years in Congress.

Murphy has lied on his resume about everything from his college degree to his career and went so far as to attempt to delay much-needed algae crisis aid to Floridians so he could take credit at a news conference earlier this year.

All of these things, and believe me, there are more, deem him unfit for office in my mind. However, the latest Murphy news is enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially mine as a mom.

In the first debate of Florida’s U.S. Senate race, Murphy the nerve to lecture Sen. Marco Rubio on the fair and respectful treatment of women.

Really, Mr. Murphy?

A photo had surfaced in recent weeks that is not befitting of any man, much less a Congressman of the United States of America, a picture of Murphy groping a young woman’s chest that was on his Facebook in plain sight when he first ran for Congress just a few years ago.

This is a photo that is proof that doesn’t take himself, his job, or the women around him seriously. Murphy’s excuse was simply that this was his girlfriend, nothing to see here, move along.

An excuse saying this was a girlfriend? That’s not an excuse; that’s even worse.

The privilege that Patrick Murphy has shamelessly exhibited over the last several years as a congressman is a dangerous example of a young, wealthy man who simply thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Murphy has exemplified this not only through this photo but also his repeated lies to Floridians, lies he thought he could easily get away with.

With his U.S. Senate race, Mr. Murphy’s dishonesty and disrespect for the voters of Florida have now gained statewide attention.

As the mother of four adult children who are respectful of their own privilege and has achieved professional success based on their acumen and honest accomplishment, I must share my grave concerns regarding this man.

I want a senator who sets an example by inspiring the trust of Florida citizens with his unfailing honesty, dedication to his job, respect for his elected office, and respect for the women in his life.

I will be voting for Marco Rubio on Nov. 8.


Cynthia “Cindy” Graves is chair of the Republican Party of Duval County and a past president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women.

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