Charlie Crist will finally share a stage with Nan Rich today at Democrat unity rallies in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale

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Nan Rich will share the stage with Charlie Crist now that Crist is the Democratic nominee for governor.

Crist refused to debate and share a spotlight with Rich while they competed for the nomination but now that’s been settled it is all hands on deck. Rich will join Crist at two unity rallies Thursday.

“Yesterday was not our day to win,” Rich emailed supporters Wednesday. Rich, who had received nearly 25 percent of the vote, told her supporters in the governor’s election “nothing less than the future of Florida is at stake.”

“It will be a very tough fight to beat Rick Scott. Charlie Crist will need all of our support to win. He has mine,” Rich wrote.

Rich, Crist, Attorney General Nominee George Sheldon and House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston will rally supporters at the Painters and Allied Trades Union Hall in Orlando Thursday morning.  U.S. Senator Bill Nelson will attend the Orlando rally.

Democrats traditionally vote in lower numbers than Republican in the mid-term election. In 2008, 8.4 million Floridians voted in a presidential election. Two years later when Gov. Rick Scott was elected 5.3 million people voted.   Voter registration statistics that year gave Democrats a 600,000 edge but participation in the election was made up of 45 percent Republican voters and 38 percent Democrat.

Just 17 percent of registered voters participated in Tuesday’s primary and the question is does that indicate a lack of interest, which would be typical of a mid-term election in which the state GOP tends to do well.

“If, and this is a big if, low turnout in the primary is prologue, then that’s a bad sign for Crist,” said Steve Vancore, a Tallahassee-based political consultant. “On the other hand, they know what they need to know and will respond accordingly.”

Crist and the Democrats have 69 days to convince their base to show up and vote in November. Crist apparently thinks a path to victory can be found along the Florida turnpike from the I-4 corridor to the Democratic stronghold of Broward.

From Orlando Crist and Rich will rally with grassroots supporters at the Urban League office in Fort Lauderdale.