Democrats playing games with Steve Southerland’s record; board game features a visit to King Ranch to pick up cash

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The Florida Democratic Party Wednesday launched a whimsical attack on incumbent Congressman Steve Southerland’s ties to special interest money from Big Oil, the Koch Brothers, and King Rach.

“The Washington Way with Steve Southerland” is a board game with a Candy Land and Chutes-and-Ladders layout and color scheme.

The game highlights Graham’s talking points in her challenge to the Republican congressman. Graham’s appearances and ads argue that Southerland has voted to cut funding for veterans, has failed to take action on the Apalachicola River dispute with Georgia and that his vote to shut down the government was not in the interest of working people and the middle class.

The game also includes a Democratic Party talking point about Republicans’ ties to big sugar and its influence on state policy. Included is a reference to hunting trips to King Ranch. Environmentalists conflate Southerland participation in the trips with his Regulatory Overreach Protection Act which they argue will increase agricultural pollution in the Everglades.

 “Congressman Southerland’s Washington Way neglects the middle class and ignores the needs of North Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux.

Both parties believe they can win the 2nd District seat. Pundits and polls indicate the race is too close to call. The campaign has included candidates questioning each other’s character and calling each other liars during debates.

The board game begins at Tea Party Island and players advance past a “Men Only” turn and then are able to skip a Veteran’s Waiting Room, unless it’s an election year. Play then advances through a Shutdown Valley, a King’s Ranch visit to pick up money and then through Big Oil Gulf and a Water Troubles turn while skipping questions about King Ranch.

“We’ve said all along that Gwen Graham and her liberal allies were more interested in playing games than finding solutions. Looks like we were right,” said Matt McCullough, Southerland’s spokesman. “Steve is focused on sharing his positive vision for jobs and economic growth, not on silly sideshows that district from the issues people really care about.”

Southerland portrays Graham as walking in lockstep with President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Southerland argue the three supports a big government recipe of rules and regulations that is destructive to the American dream.

Graham counters that the race is between her and Southerland and that it is his ties to special interests and a Tea Party agenda that works against the interests of north Florida voters.