Dennis Ross blasts Obama’s spending habits, warns of “fiscal abyss”

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U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, who serves as House Senior Deputy Majority Whip, is tackling a difficult topic for the holidays — the growing national debt.

As a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, Ross issued a statement today warning constituents about the Obama administration’s “worsening spending habits.” The Lakeland Republican represents Florida’s 15th Congressional District, which covers parts of Hillsborough and Polk Counties, Lakeland, Plant City, New Tampa and Bartow.

“It’s tough to bring up the subject of debt around the holiday season,” Ross wrote. “Many families around our country have financial concerns and are forced to live within their means while at the same time are being forced to watch this administration relentlessly spend their hard earned tax dollars.

“As of September of 2008, our national debt was $9.7 trillion. Today, the United States is over $18 trillion in debt meaning in six years our national debt has nearly doubled.”

Ross believes the administration’s spending habits are “out of control and are leading America down an unsustainable spending path.” By introducing legislation such as H.R. 239, the Zero-based Budgeting Ensures Responsible Oversight (ZERO) Act, Ross calls for Congress to take control of the nation’s debt by decreasing waste and fraudulent spending at every level of government.

H.R. 239 requires each agency and department to justify every line item in their budget each year.

“Debt reduction is crucial and my colleagues and I must work together to ensure tax dollars are better accounted for,” Ross said. “My constituents agree that it’s time for Congress to take control of our budget by decreasing spending before we plunge into a fiscal abyss.”

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