Dept. of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad stepping down

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Florida Secretary of Transportation Ananth Prasad resigned Tuesday effective Jan. 2 2015. Prasad is the third secretary of a major state agency to leave Gov. Rick Scott’s administration in the past week.

“I don’t use this term loosely but he is the best Secretary of Transportation we have had and I’ve been part of the process for over 25 years,” said Bob Burleson president of the Florida Transportation Builders Association.

Prasad was appointed in April 2011 while lingering effects of the Great Recession hampered road building in Florida.  Burleson credited Prasad’s ability to “talk engineering and explain it” to commuters, local officials and builders to getting Florida transportation moving again.

“He was a real doer, a problem solver. His attitude was we’re going to get things done,” said Burleson.  “Governors in the past tended to micromanage transportation – Gov. Scott did not do that. Prasad did a great job. We’re going to miss him.”

Prasad had served as the Assistant Secretary for Engineering and Operations and had also implemented various public-private transportation partnerships before becoming DOT secretary.

In accepting his resignation, Gov. Scott said he was grateful for Prasad’s service to the state.

“Secretary Prasad has been part of my administration since the very beginning, and he has been pivotal to making sure we could make a record investment of over $10 billion in our transportation system this year,” said Scott in a prepared statement.

Prasad joins Department of Corrections Secretary Mike Crews and Environmental Secretary Hershel Vinyard in leaving the Scott administration at the end of its first term.