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Email Insights: Bobby Powell criticizes opponent for family attacks, while taking a swipe at Michael Steinger’s family

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The family attacks are the toughest part of the campaign, but Bobby Powell is hoping to rally support after the one against his family.

In an email Monday, Powell encouraged supporters to help him “finish this campaign strong.” The fundraising email reminds supporters they can donate until 11:59 p.m. Thursday, and calls on them to do whatever they can to help in the final days of the campaign.

But the ad also takes a swipe at one of his opponents in Senate District 30. In the email, Powell criticizes Democrat Michael Steinger and his campaign putting his father’s mugshot in a commercial.

“This is the part where the campaign gets tough. Not because of the long hours or the huge effort we put into talking to each and every voter. Anybody who knows me you won’t outwork me,” said Powell in the email. “The tough part is knowing the impact this campaign can have on my family.”

According to the Palm Beach Post, Powell’s father was accused of hitting a woman and shooting at her in his home in 2014. At the time Powell said he didn’t have firsthand knowledge of the incident and said his father “is a private citizen.”

“I must say, I was shocked to see that my opponent put my father’s mugshot in a commercial,” said Powell in the email to supporters. “If my father were currently serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison after being convicted of a $1.25 billion Ponzi scheme (as Mr. Steinger’s father Joel is), I don’t think I would bring family into things.”

Joel Steinger was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2014, after he pleaded guilty to a pair of fraud conspiracies.

In his email Monday, Powell tells supporters the “race isn’t about our parents — which is why I’ve never talked about his father.”

“So while Michael Steinger continues to mislead people about me and my family, we will keep telling the truth about him,” he wrote. “Long story short — every poll we’ve seen has shown that we are up. Some by a little, some by a lot. When the election is one week away and things aren’t going your way, as in the case of my opponent, the desperation starts to creep in.”

Powell and Steinger will face off in the Aug. 30 Democratic primary. The winner will face Republican Ron Berman in November.

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