Email Insights: NextGen Climate tries to school Florida’s top “non-scientist”

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NextGen Climate’s newest email blast focuses on the words Rick Scott will no doubt live to regret: “I’m not a scientist.”

“That’s the lame answer Florida Governor Rick Scott has been using over the past few months when asked whether he believes that climate change is real.”

On Tuesday, Scott finally met with Florida scientists on the subject of climate change — dedicating just thirty minutes to “learn” about climate change and the danger it poses to residents and the Florida economy.

Less than the length of one average high school science class, the email admits that thirty minutes is not a lot of time to fill in the gaps in Scott’s knowledge. Which are considerable.

Since he is admittedly “not a scientist,” NextGen Climate has generously offered its service, with a “professor” to highlight some of the basic scientific facts that Scott may have missed — intentionally or otherwise.

The “professor” was outside the governor’s office — complete with a blackboard — to help Scott revisit some key science lessons suitable for a middle school science class—from the undeniable “theory” of gravity to climate change.

Scott, true to his word, spent a total of 30 minutes with the scientists — and not a nanosecond longer. Like the ringing of a school bell, the governor stood up and practically ran out of the room.

One thing can be said about Rick Scott — that man is no scientist.

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