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Email insights: Scott Walker, ‘spite shopping’ and a sweet sweater deal

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As Scott Walker hits the campaign trail – not as an official presidential candidate yet, mind you — voters will undoubtedly hear many tales of his fervent frugality.

Getting much airplay is one such story, in which the Wisconsin governor scored a sweater from Kohl’s for only $1; a deal that combined extreme couponing and Kohl’s Cash. In fact, he even joked about it during a speech in New Hampshire while he was wearing the sweater.

In Walkerworld, the term “fiscal conservative” is an obvious understatement.

But you would never know that, at least when the “liberal media” has its say.

In a new email to supporters, Walker laments how he was LITERALLY (in all caps) fact-checked on the sweater. Reporters actually called the nearby Kohl’s, scouring clearance racks for a similar bargain.

Begrudgingly, they later admitted the story was probably true.

This is what opposition has been reduced to, Walker says — fact checking and “spite shopping” to bring him down.

Of course, this left-wing vindictiveness presents the perfect opportunity for a money pitch to support Walker’s not-quite-yet presidential campaign, as a way to “help advance our shared conservative agenda and fight back against the ridiculous attacks.”


So for the price of $1, Walker got more than just a sweater. The governor also acquired a ready-made narrative, one that paints him as an underdog Republican martyr, hounded by ravenous media who would like nothing more than to see the failure of a conservative candidate from a blue state.

Now, that’s value.

Then again, wouldn’t any politician who claims to have purchased a new sweater for “only $1” – especially in a campaign sure to be filled with outrageous political pretensions – practically invite such a quick fact check?

It is the duty of the media – liberal or otherwise — to call out things that are simply hard to believe. If Walker had his way, he would get a free pass on that sort of rhetoric (which is exactly what it is). For someone as frugal — some would call “cheap” — as Walker, anything labeled “free” is undeniably good.

Besides, voters deserve to know how – and where – they can score such a sweet deal. In this world of extreme couponing, who can pass up a new sweater for a buck?

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