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Email Insights: Senate candidate fundraising off video of Rick Scott getting yelled at in Starbucks

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Remember the woman who shouted at Gov. Rick Scott in Starbucks on Tuesday?

Gary Farmer, a Broward County Democrat, is hoping to raise a little campaign cash off of it.

In an email to supporters on Friday, Farmer, who is running for state Senate in District 34, said while he understands that the episode “might just seem like a crazy person yelling” to some people, the woman — Lake Worth activist Cara Jennings — isn’t wrong.

“Scott’s policies are evicerating (sic) the middle class and twisting the knife on those suffering in poverty,” he said in the email.

Here’s a recap, just in case you aren’t one of the more than 2 million people who watched the video. Scott walked into a Starbucks on Tuesday after an event in Gainesville. The video shows Jennings laying into the Naples Republican, calling him an a**hole and saying he doesn’t “care about the working people.”

When Scott responded by saying he created 1 million jobs, Jennings shot back and scolded him for stripping money from women’s health care.

“Shame on you Rick Scott,” she is heard saying. “We depend on those services. Rich people like you don’t know what to do.”

In his email to supporters, Farmer said Scott doesn’t pay attention to Jennings concerns.

“He. Doesn’t. Care,” Farmer wrote. “Because to him, it doesn’t matter. His donors are happy. His staff as his back and makes sure this doesn’t happen much. You can even see someone try to intervene.”

Farmer continues: “Well, in my view – Scott’s been ignoring his constituents for far too long. So yeah, now people have to yell to get his attention. I share her sense of anger, even if I don’t share her approach.”

Farmer ends the email by encouraging readers to contribute to “make sure a true Democrat fills the seat.”

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