Excellent must-reads about the death of bin Laden

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Excellent recommendations from Ezra Klein: Theeconomics of Osama bin Laden is about as far as I feel comfortable going on this subject. For much better, more expert, commentary, reporting and analysis, check out some of these links: Steve Collannotates the news: ?sama has more than a dozen sons. Some have returned to Saudi Arabia but others have appeared in videos with their father, vowing to fight alongside him. It is conceivable that one of his sons could make a claim on al-Qaeda leadership in the years ahead.? OBL is Dead, Al Qaeda Isn? , by Daniel Byman: ?et? begin with some notes of caution. As any expert will tell you, one of bin Laden? biggest successes is creating an organization that will survive him.? Don? Get Cocky, America, by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross: ?ne lesson bin Laden learned from the war against the Soviets was the importance of his enemy? economy. The Soviet Union didn? just withdraw from Afghanistan in ignominious defeat, but the Soviet empire itself collapsed soon thereafter, in late 1991 … He has compared the United States to the Soviet Union on numerous occasions ?and these comparisons have been explicitly economic.? Marc Lynch onbin Laden? quiet end: ?he fact is, al-Qaeda had already been effectively marginalized within the mainstream of the Arab world long before bin Laden died. His death removes the only al-Qaeda figure still able to speak effectively to that Arab mainstream, and marks the end of an era of Arab politics which had already largely faded away.? The Secret Team That Killed bin Laden, by Marc Ambinder: ?evGru belongs to the Joint Special Operations Command, an extraordinary and unusual collection of classified standing task forces and special-missions units. They report to the president and operate worldwide based on the legal (or extra-legal) premises of classified presidential directives. Though the general public knows about the special SEALs and their brothers in Delta Force, most JSOC missions never leak.? Craig Whitlock, William Wan and Greg Miller onbin Laden? watery grave: ?t the very least, the rapid disposal of bin Laden? body adhered to the Muslim tradition of burial within 24 hours of death. Submerging the body at sea also precludes the establishment of a shrine that could become a rallying point for his followers. It could circumvent unseemly arguments over custody of his body or accusations of religious disrespect.?]>

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