Feds “intrigued” by Negron Plan as alternative to Medicaid expansion

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Federal Health and Human Service officials are apparently “intrigued” by the alternative plan Florida may pursue in lieu of Medicaid expansion, expressing a desire to be “flexible in its dealings with states”, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

Referred to by some as the Negron Plan — and by Sen. Joe Negron as the Florida Plan — it appears that House and Senate leadership are ready to rally around a package that would provide coverage to the same population – approximately 1 million Floridians — who would benefit from the Medicaid expansion under PPACA, just at a lower cost to the state. 

These savings would be accomplished mainly through greater cost-sharing for new participants, such as $3.80 for a hospital stay or medical appointment for those under the federal poverty level, or 10 percent for those between 100 and 138 percent of poverty.  Emergency services would carry no charge.

The big question is whether any such alternative plan would render Florida eligible for the estimated $51 billion over 10 years that it would receive from the feds for Medicaid expansion under PPACA.  

A lot is on the line to gain — politically and otherwise — if Florida is able to pull off the unexpected triumvirate of (1) rebuking PAPCA, (2) expanding coverage regardless, and (3) gaining federal support for such a plan…