5 Amendment 2 questions with Calvina Fay of Drug Free America: ‘It’s wait and see’

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Any prediction on how the vote will turn out?

I think we have to wait and see. The polls say there is not enough voter support for it to pass, but I’m not a pollster so I don’t have a good handle on analyzing those things and I think we just have to wait and see.

How do you feel about the way the campaign was run?

Keep in mind we’re not the official Vote No campaign. We are part of the Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot coalition, which is the grass roots campaign. For comment on the Vote No campaign you need to talk to the Vote No people. (The Drug Free Florida financed the No campaign. DFF is not affiliated with DFA).

Do you think the Vote No campaign ran an honest campaign?

I think the Vote No campaign, they came from behind, they made a lot of headway and I think they ran a fairly effective campaign.

We go back six months ago and support for Amendment 2 is polling near 90 percent and here we are on Election Day and the trend line is it won’t pass, you must feel a sense of accomplishment, no?

Again, I’m not a pollster and I certainly did not see all the polls but I do know some of those early polls that I saw that were up there in that 80 percent range they weren’t polling the Amendment, they were polling the concept of medical marijuana, which is very different than polling the Amendment itself.

Then based on the recent polls that I’ve seen, and certainly I have not seen all of them, but they were polling the actual amendment so, it’s really two different issues.

 We had a fair discussion of the issue?

I’ve talked to people that support the concept of marijuana as medicine, but they were very much against this Amendment because of the wording in the Amendment because of the loopholes in it and because of a lot of unanswered questions in it.