Florida Polytechnic announces ceremony for completion of first main structure

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Florida Polytechnic University is holding a public “Topping Out” Ceremony on Tuesday, April 16 to celebrate the completion of the steel framework of the new 160,000 square foot Innovation, Science and Technology Building which will house classrooms, auditoriums, and 31 research and teaching labs when it opens for enrollment next year.

The ceremony will go from 10:30 am to noon, will feature the Polytechnic’s Board of Trustees and COO Ava Parker, and Dr. Santiago Calatrava, architect of the building.  Dr. Calatrava is a Spanish sculptor, architect and structural engineer who is known internationally for his design of public buildings and bridges. He has won a variety of prestigious awards throughout his career and has designed significant projects worldwide. He has offices in Zurich, Switzerland; Paris, France; Valencia, Spain; and New York City where he resides.

Polytechnic, which was created as an independent university by the legislature last year, intends to open the school by Fall 2014 with about 500 students, and achieve accreditation by December 2016 as required by SB 1994, the bill that created the university. Its mission is to educate students emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in an innovative, technology-rich, and interdisciplinary learning environment. The University will collaborate with industry partners to offer students real-world problem-solving, work experience, and business leadership opportunities.

So far, the university’s Strategic Planning Committee has approved two colleges: the College of Innovation and Technology and the College of Engineering, as well as five degree programs offering bachelor’s and master’s. Parker reported to the Board of Governors that each of these programs will include leadership, finance and management training.