Forget Jesus. What would Howard Beale do?

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Editor’s note: The following is an op-ed from contributor-at-large Daniel Tilson.

In Florida, we have only one way out of the mess we?e now in with this runaway train of a Republican government currently turning our state inside out and upside down.

It? the Howard Beale solution.

Many a movie lover will know what that means right off the bat. But before making it completely clear for everyone else, let? do some quick review of the sorry state that the Republican Party of Florida has put our state in, compared to America? 49 others.

  • 3rd highest unemployment rate
  • 49th in percentage of unemployed people receiving benefits
  • 1st in home mortgage foreclosure/delinquency rate (nearly 25%)
  • 46th in personal income growth
  • 46th in state tax revenues
  • 2nd most unfair tax system, based on making lower-income people pay a proportionately larger share of taxes than higher-income people

Those are flat-out facts, and you can look them up.

Because most Florida Democratic candidates in 2010 refused to scream bloody murder about those facts and failed to offer clear alternatives to such economic unfairness, the Republicans most responsible for creating it now have more power than ever.

As many of us know, that virtually unchecked power is being used in this 2011 legislative session to take an already unfair system and turn it into a downright doomsday scenario for middle and lower income Floridians.

After all, why settle for having only the 2nd most unfair tax system in America, when you can go for the gold, in every sense?

So what? our defense, or rather, our offenseUur solution? Well, many a great activist organization and individual are hard at work on it already, but we all (especially those who aren? active yet) need to work harder still at it ?at getting ?verage? apolitical, everyday working people really, really, really pissed off?or the right reasons and at the right people.

We just have to keep feeding facts ?short & sweet & sour, plain & simple, funny & fascinating ?to the flocks of Floridians who are uninformed, misinformed, or just don? give a damn anymore. Got to keep letting them know that ?ower taxes and smaller government?/em> are the carrots Republicans dangle just before smacking them upside their heads & bank accounts with a great big CUE (Clearly Unfair Economy) Stick. Talk about dirty poolo

If that awful truth spreads like wildfire, than perhaps contractors, cashiers, cooks, car mechanics, clerks, sales people, secretaries and millions more hard-working Floridians will take the advice of movie character Howard Beale in the 1976 classic, ?etwork? A fed-up & furious network TV News anchorman, Beale ends up going ?n the air?with this emotional appeal to his fellow Americans,

? want you to get mad! I don? want you to protest. I don? want you to riot ?I don? want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn? know what to tell you to write?ll I know is that first you?e got to get mad. You?e got to say, ?? a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!?So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ?? AS MAD AS HELL, AND I? NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Things have got to change, my friendsR

Along with Truth, we can spread the word that a Day Of Reckoning is coming, on November 6th, 2012.

Peter Schorsch is the President of Extensive Enterprises and is the publisher of some of Florida’s most influential new media websites, including,,, and Sunburn, the morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics. SaintPetersBlog has for three years running been ranked by the Washington Post as the best state-based blog in Florida. In addition to his publishing efforts, Peter is a political consultant to several of the state’s largest governmental affairs and public relations firms. Peter lives in St. Petersburg with his wife, Michelle, and their daughter, Ella.