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‘Game of Thrones’ insight from the Halfman

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Sunday is the big day, and we’re not talking about Hilary Clinton and Marco Rubio announcing their presidential bids -– that’s small stuff.

Game of Thrones premiers the much-anticipated first episode of season 5 at 9 p.m.

It means another season of vicious battling over a horribly uncomfortable and menacing chair, some awesome dragons and their bad-ass mom and probably a bunch of characters dying.

But it also marks the return of the Halfman. The Imp. Tyrion Lannister.

And face it; Tyrion is everyone’s favorite. He’s witty, he’s jaded, he offed his dad on the toilet – what’s not to love?

Peter Dinklage, the star who plays Tyrion, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to tease the new season and shared some pretty cool stuff about the new season. That includes his favorite scene, some possible outcomes for the imp on the run and some interesting interpretations of plot lines.

And he admits the character he plays is smarter than he is.

When we last saw Tyrion at the end of season 4, he’s packed away in a crate after the aforementioned slaughtering of his dirt- bag dad on the can and the emotional strangling of his former lover who, it turns out, swapped the little Lannister for Pappa Lannister.

Bad move, Shea.

The murders were a detour in his escape from the Red Keep, where he was being held for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon. Tyrion didn’t do it, but his wicked sister Cercei said so, so what’s done is done.

Dinklage told Entertainment Weekly season 5 kicks off with Tyrion “in a world of pain and shit.”

“But he has some people around him who convince him to get back on his feet because he’s sort of ready to end it, which is very un-Tyrion like.”

In the season 5 preview, Tyrion is seen declaring he will not sit on the Iron Throne. This, of course, would be a disappointment to Tyrion fans the world over, but Dinklage makes a point of leaving fans with a little hope.

“In that scene when I say that I’m in a very dark place, filled with self-loathing, I just want to curl up on a dark corner and die. That’s not a time when you would say, ‘you know, I think I could sit on the Iron Throne,’” Dinklage said. “If that question was posed to him later in the season I think he might have a different response.”

And Dinklage also points out Tyrion doesn’t stay in that dark place long.

The season 5 trailer also shows Tyrion with an interest in finding Daenerys Targaryen, the “Mother of Dragons.” Tyrion said he thinks his character wants to see for himself whether this woman has dragons and whether she’s all she’s cracked up to be.

“He hears that she’s a kindred spirit, someone who’s an outsider who’s been pushed to the edges, but has an unfortunate, dirty last name,” Dinklage said.

The “Kaleesi” is the daughter of the Mad King who sat on the Iron Throne before being killed during a coup by Jamie Lannister.

In the new season, Tyrion rocks a beard. That, apparently, was off limits to Dinklage in previous seasons.

“Well, I was referring to a beard that reached down to my knees in a sort of dwarf-in-Lord of the Rings way. This is a beard I’ve actually grown, so it’s more Tyrion and not Gandalf,” Dinklage said.

He also sheds his rich boy Lannister garb and turns it in for much more peasant-worthy attire.

“He’s on the run. He adapts to his environment and wears the clothes of the new place he’s in,” he added.

As for Dinklage’s favorite scene so far, he likes the “beetle smashing” conversation with his brother near the end of the previous season.

In that scene the two are talking about a cousin who was “a bit thick” and how he used to smash beetles. Dinklage’s character does an impression of that cousin and it’s pretty hilarious.

“It’s like Tyrion’s in shock, or something. He doesn’t know why he’s telling that story and he just wants to know what it was about, and what life is about, and it had such an abstract non-f–king King’s Landing feel to it. It was such a fresh breath. I loved that monologue,” Dinklage said.

The premier airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. Don’t have HBO? Check out this handy guide on how to watch the new episode on any device without cable.

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