Game of Thrones teaser is a total tease

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The PR folks over at Game of Thrones are either wildly genius or insanely mad. Either way, they’ve been bested by some cheeky Redditors.

If you’ve seen any of the trailers, you know they are nothing but a giant tease leaving you staring at the screen with a dumbfounded look, mouth agape and muttering, ‘that’s it?’ But yet it hurts so good to watch just a few seconds of what might be screen shots from the next season, amiright?

The latest teaser was released this week through the GoT clever little campaign called three-eyed raven. It was sent to fans who subscribed to “visions” via the website. The video was supposed to be encrypted so that viewers could only watch it once and then it disappeared. So, you know, you couldn’t watch it again to make sure you didn’t miss something.

Well, that’s where those clever little nerds over at Reddit come in as they so often do. Someone managed to get around HBO’s disappearing teaser act and posted the trailers to YouTube. There’s two of them, but they’re mostly the same.

One is a whopping 16-seconds. A shot of a weirwood tree surrounded by snow serves as a background. A teensi weensie square in the middle of the screen rifles through a series of eight scenes. The first is a creepy as all hell, blurred image of Sansa Stark looking appropriately sad/mad/scared/don’t mess with me considering (spoiler alert for all you GoT late comers) her father, mother, brother, dire wolf and unborn niece or nephew were all killed and she’s on the lamb suspected of killing the shithead king.

Next up is a shadowy Tyrion Lannister standing in an unknown dark space. It looks kinda like the dungeon he was in during the last several episodes of the last season, but that’s not likely considering he escaped after killing his whore girlfriend and douchey dad. Then there’s a super scary melting face on a weirwood tree that will terrify those of you who share my fear of plants with faces followed by a crowing raven.

There’s a shot of the iron throne, I think, but no on is on the throne – maybe that means something? Then there’s someone rowing a boat and dramatically fondling the water. And in a grand finale, Cercei Lannister glares out of her little coach car thingy because she’s probably going to kill someone either before or after she schtoops her brother – possibly both. And then there’s a big ass book that gets slammed.

Cue the credits.

The second video shows all the same stuff, but bigger and faster. That teaser only gives you 10-seconds of frustrating pleasure.

So, what does this tell us? Absolutely nothing, but it sure was fun!

To catch these “visions” before someone on the internet figures out how to post them on YouTube, subscribe on the three-eyed raven website. The site will ask for your phone number. You’ll then get a text asking to confirm followed by a second saying, “you now have the power of The Sight. Keep watch for visions of the future.”

The new season of GoT is set to air in Spring of 2015.

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