Good read: Want a Coke in a sunshower, y’all? Come to North Florida

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It is easy enough to validate that the southern half of Florida has a high concentration of northerners.  But that doesn’t stop maps from being fun, anyway.  The following maps represent results from a linguistic survey as visualized by Joshua Katz, a PhD student in statistics at North Carolina State.

A few of the more notable findings relative to the Sunshine State include evidence that the Panhandle calls sweetened carbonated beverages “Coke” while the rest of the state follows the northeast with “soda”; and that while South Florida goes with the predominant “you guys” when addressing groups of people, the rest of Florida is perfectly cool with “y’all”.   

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Most interesting to me, though, is the following: that other than pockets within the northeast and Florida, most Americans have no term or expression for “when it rain falls while the sun is shining.”


Sunshine state indeed. Sometimes even in the rain.

Karen Cyphers, PhD, is a public policy researcher, political consultant, and mother to three daughters. She can be reached at