Gov. Scott being lobbied to oppose dedicated funding for Clerks of the Court

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So I have been a little busy over the past two weeks and am just now getting reengaged and checking on issues I have been following during the session.  

One of the issues I have followed with great interest is the multi-year plight of the Clerks of the Court.  Not because this is a sexy issue, because let’s face it, it’s not.  But because of the consistency of this issue dating back to Senators JD Alexander and Ken Pruitt undoing what had worked for more than 150 years, and how we now we find ourselves FINALLY coming up with a fix that seems to put humpty dumpty back together again.  

Or at least, I think we do. 

Here’s the issue:  After years of underfunding the clerks, causing long lines, shortened hours and layoffs at many of the clerks offices, we now seem to have a plan to fix this problem once and for all.  The Senate and the House are looking like they are coming together on a plan to return the funding process of the clerks back to the way the constitution intended, allowing them to budget based off the fines and fees they collect while still giving the legislature oversight and guaranteeing transparency.  Even more encouraging is that this proposal is the exact same proposal Governor Scott proposed in his budget in 2011.  This year, he did not address the budget process of the clerks but one can only assume that he would support something this year that he supported before, right? 

Well, I am hearing that some representatives of the courts are now trying to, behind the scenes of course, convince the Governor’s Office to not support moving the clerks out of the general appropriations act.  But not because it hurts them, or because it disenfranchises them, or even because it would impact their funding.  I am hearing they are backdoor opposing this because it is for the clerks, and not them. 

Yep, you heard me right – they are not advocating for their position on this issue, just against the clerks.  They don’t want their own ball, they just don’t want the other kid to have it. 

And this folks is why we can’t all have nice things, because at the end of the day someone else will want to take it away just because.  But don’t worry, I have faith in Rick Scott to come in and tell that selfish kid to go to time out because he is not a flip flopper, right?

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