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Jeff Greene challenges Kendrick Meek to bi-weekly debates

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The Reid Report got to it before I could: Jeff Greene’s commercials have been all over TV here in South Florida, and now, he’s upping the ante again, challenging Kendrick Meek to a series of debates, though I doubt this email will serve as much of an inducement.

May 25, 2010 – Palm Beach – Today, Jeff Greene, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, challenged Kendrick Meek to a series of bi-weekly debates in every media market in the state between now and August 24th, 2010, so voters can hear directly from the candidates and make their own choice based on issues and ideas.

In issuing the debate challenge, Jeff Greene said, “Since career politician Kendrick Meek can’t defend his record of failure, he has resorted to misleading desperate personal attacks. Meek’s attacks make it clear he still has no idea what even caused the economic crisis, has zero understanding of how to fix it and is still playing politics by misleading voters. And, to top it off, Meek has now been tied to a corruption scandal where even Florida’s largest paper called him, ‘clueless or worse.’

So, if Kendrick Meek wants to debate who’s responsible for the economic crisis, let’s do it. Because the choice is clear, a proven jobs creator who successfully navigated the crisis versus a career politician, Kendrick Meek, who failed to take action and has been in Congress while Florida lost nearly 700,000 jobs.

If Kendrick Meek wants to debate earmarks and explain why he thinks it is appropriate for his mother and chief of staff to get money from a corrupt campaign contributor, let’s do it. Because the choice is clear, an outsider who won’t take a penny from special interests and will ban all earmarks versus a career politician, Kendrick Meek, who sought political paybacks for a corrupt campaign contributor.

Here’s a snapshot of Meek’s record of failure: Meek failed to see the housing crisis coming, failed to prevent it, and actually helped cause the crisis by peddling loans to people who couldn’t afford them in cahoots with the lenders who were funding his campaign.

Unlike Meek, I actually saw the housing crisis coming and took bold steps to protect my business and the jobs I created. Only a career Washington politician would attack me for doing what was right and being successful. And, had Congress taken the same steps I did, this crisis might have been prevented. But, instead of doing their jobs, Meek and his special interest contributors failed to do anything.

Now, Kendrick Meek’s solution to the economic crisis is to promote the same career politicians who got us into this mess and attack me, a proven jobs creator who will get the results Meek has failed to deliver. It’s ridiculous. If Meek failed to see the crisis coming and still fails to understand what caused it, he will never be able to figure out how to solve it. If Meek is part of the corrupt political system in Washington, he will never be able to clean it up and make it work for people.

Therefore, I challenge Rep. Meek to a bi-weekly series of debates between now and the primary election. Voters deserve a real debate about our ideas and the future, not Kendrick Meek’s dodging questions about his ties to a corruption scandal and his desperate personal attacks.”

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