Hager requests emergency assistance from Gov. Scott for Boca Airport tower

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Due to federal budget cuts forced by the budget sequestration, 14 air traffic control towers in Florida are scheduled to close beginning next month — but not one at Boca Raton Airport, if Governor Scott accepts Representative Bill Hager’s request for emergency assistance to keep it open.

This Boca air tower, which is set to close on May 4, sits on state land. Hager asked for $230,545 from the state for the airport — a move that he said will keep the tower open to avoid safety problems and avoid negative impacts on business.

“Negative economic ramifications will be felt throughout our region as a result of this closure,” Hager said. “It is imperative that Gov. Scott and the state of Florida step forward to prevent this situation from becoming a reality.”

US Senator Bill Nelson has been working with Florida’s small airports in the attempt to rally support to keep towers open, and is looking to trade turkeys for the approximately $10 million necessary funding to do so.