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Hillsborough sheriffs look to keep drugs, money siezed after tasing suicidal man

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Andres Eduardo Javage

After telling friends on Facebook he was suicidal, a Tampa man was tased by sheriff’s deputies, who found marijuana and money in the home. Now the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is going to court to keep the cash.

Andres Eduardo Javage, 30, is a self-employed mechanic and the founder of Auto Nutrition in Tampa, which offers vehicle maintenance service at customer’s homes.

On Feb. 15, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at 11422 Wheeling Dr. in Tampa, a home owned by Carlos Javage, for “possible domestic violence or a mentally ill person.”

At the scene, deputies say they noticed broken glass scattered around the southernmost window, and learned Andres Javage was inside the home, where he was warning friends through Facebook that he “planned to shoot himself.” A police report says that he also sent a message to a family member outside the home that he was “going to kill anyone that attempted to enter his residence.”

After Javage allegedly threatened the deputies, they decided to detain him “for his own protection” under Florida’s Baker Act.

When Javage didn’t fully comply, Deputy Dana Graham tasered him, and officers arrested him on charges of battery and assault on a police officer, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and intent to sell marijuana. A criminal report says Javage threw books out the door at police, suggesting it may be a reason for the ‘assault on a police officer’ charge.

Even though he was arrested, court records are not clear whether Javage ever was involuntarily committed under the Act. An online arrest report lists his address as 11217 Wheeling Dr., a home owned by Carlos and Carmen Javage.

“Given the nature of Javage’s threats,” deputies searched the residence, and found two large zip-lock bags containing nearly 1 pound of marijuana — which Javage explained was medical marijuana legally acquired in California — as well as $2,066, stacked and bound with rubber bands.

In a March 22 filing with the Hillsborough County Circuit Court, the HCSO is asking to keep the marijuana and cash under the state’s Contraband Forfeiture Act. As of March 28, Javage is still in jail awaiting trial.

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