How do you leave a baby in the car for freakin’ eight hours???

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Please allow me to veer from politics for a moment to ask: How in the hell do two parents leave their child alone in a car for eight hours? 

Somehow, that’s what happened in Tampa on Tuesday after two so-called parents, Douceaymee Lopez-Alvarez and Alexander Rosario, left their child in their SUV after returning home at, wait for it, 4 a.m. The father and mother of Jadiel Rosario each thought the other had taken their 2-year-old child out of the car seat and brought him to bed.

As Will Hobson of the Tampa Bay Times reports, Jadiel remained in the SUV until about noon Tuesday, when his finally parents realized they never brought him in the house.

I have been a parent for all of six-and-a-half months. I won’t pretend to be an expert on being a good father — despite my best efforts. But I know this already: never let a baby out of your sight. Never.

Neither my wife, nor myself could ever, ever, ever imagine letting our child out of our view for more than, what, twenty seconds? Perhaps for just enough time to finish her a bottle while she’s safely playing in her crib. But that’s about it.

Want to hear a snippet of a conversation that NEVER occurs in my home?

Me: “Honey, have you seen the baby?”

Wife: “No, honey, I have not seen her for hours, but she’s probably fine.”

Yet, Douceaymee and Alexander left Jadiel alone for something like eight hours.

There’s simply no excuse for what they did.

I don’t care if they were tired.  Don’t be somewhere until 4 a.m.

I don’t care — in fact, it makes me question their capacity as parents — that they have three other children and, perhaps, they were distracted from attending to the needs to their other kids.

Should the three other young children be taken from Douceaymee and Alexander? The last thing the foster care system needs is three more children in need, but, Jesus, how can these two be entrusted with their children’s welfare again?

Not to make this political, but it’s just become so striking to me that there is no legal barrier to entry to become a parent. One needs a license to fish at a lake, yet there is no standard for becoming a parent.

This is also a reminder to me that, no, not every parent knows best for their child. That’s a lie we tell ourselves as society. That local school boards know better than faraway bureaucrats because the local school boards are closer to the parents, who are suppose to know what’s best for their children.

The last thing parents like Douceaymee and Alexander know is what’s best for anyone.

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