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Male booty calls shock politician when he trolls for votes on Tinder

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Tinder is a great place to hook-up, allegedly. But it’s definitely not the right place to run a political campaign. One hopeful politician in Hawaii learned that the hard way.

Greggor Ilagan, a County Councilman in Hawaii, decided to try his hand at some creative campaigning for a state senate seat by using the mobile dating app. He figured the “swipe right” system provided to allow users to communicate in Tinder would give him the ability to engage potential voters one on one.

Instead he just got a bunch of people looking for a hot date, both men and women since he didn’t want to narrow his voting reach to just the sex he likes to schtupp.

Dude, what the hell did you think was going to happen on a dating site? People are looking for a good time, not a political pitch.

“Hey you! Help me make a positive difference in our community. Swipe right and let’s talk,” the 29-year-old’s profile said.

On Tinder, swiping right on a person’s profile allows the two users to begin communicating. Or, as it has more commonly become known, find someone to have sex casual with.

“At first, I put both genders — male and female,” Ilagan told the Honolulu Civil Beat. “But because it’s a dating site, there were actually a lot of guys that were hitting on me. I was always having to direct people back to the main focus.”

It’s not 100 percent clear from that statement whether Ilagan was put off by getting hit on by a bunch of dudes, but that’s kind of the impression here, right?

“They asked me, ‘Oh, can I have a date?’ And I said, ‘Well, we can have a meeting and we can talk about government and maybe you can help out on the campaign,’” he said.

Turns out it was simply just too much work redirecting antsy suitors to the campaign focus he was hoping for on a DATING SITE so Ilagan decided to stick with more traditional forms of engaging with voters like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Not only did Ilagan make a total buffoon out of himself by “dating” his voters, he failed to realize the Tinder mentality has already been tapped for voter engagement. A smartphone app called “Voter” was launched ahead of the 2016 presidential races that matches voters with candidates in a similar way to Tinder.

The app asks a series of very telling political questions to identify which party voters align with and who they would be likely to support based on key issues like support for Obamacare and stances on immigration and taxation.

The app shows photos of candidates and gives an option to contact them.

And on that app, voters use it to find people to vote for – not a date or booty call prospect.

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