Laughing stock no more? League of Women voters says Florida is getting its elections act together

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Sorry, Conan and Letterman, but Florida’s League of Women voters believes that historic election reforms passed this Session will help ensure that Florida elections are no longer fodder for late night television.

With the approval of HB 7013, the League believes Floridians will no longer face as long lines at polls, and will expand access to early voting.  Further, the measure gives Supervisors of Election greater flexibility in how they structure early voting, and requires amendment summaries to be 75 words or less.

It also permits Floridians to move within the state and still cast a regular ballot, and ensures that absentee ballots have a chance to be counted even if the voter forgets to sign the outside of the envelope.

“This reform was essential for the people of Florida, and the Legislature is to be congratulated for its bipartisan collaboration to bring such a superior effort to the Governor for his signature,” said League president Deirdre Macnab.

In particular, the League notes the hard work of Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Jim Boyd, who worked tirelessly this session to ensure lawmakers made good on their vow to reform Florida’s election laws in a bipartisan fashion, with each side of the aisle bringing their best ideas forward.