Marco Rubio appears in Lake Mary to get out the vote and opine on Patrick Murphy scandal

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A group of Republican lawmakers appeared in Lake Mary Thursday afternoon to sing each others’ praises and hopefully motivate anyone who hasn’t voted to go out and do so – preferably to re-elect Marco RubioJohn MicaBob Cortes and other Republicans.

Rubio, Mica and Cortes painted the race as a particularly dire one, for if they lost, they imparted the vision of what would happen as one none of their supporters would want – one where Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer took places in the head of the House and Senate if Democrats win the majority in both.

Rubio himself spoke out against his opponent Patrick Murphy, criticizing him again for allegedly lying about his record in Congress and embellishing his business record.

“When he’s not lying, he’s liberal,” Rubio said of Murphy. “He supports the Iran deal. Even after we negotiated with them for hostages, he supports it. He wants to close Guantanamo Bay and bring terrorists to the United States, even when it’s proven that a third of them or more return to terror. He is one of the last people to support Hillary Clinton 100 percent, even after the revelations of last Friday.”

The revelations Rubio mentioned were that of the FBI’s looking into more of Clinton’s emails. As of Thursday, the FBI had not released conclusive evidence that anything in the emails they’re looking at have anything to do with Clinton, instead having to do with a separate case involving Anthony Weiner.

Rubio spoke to the press after on a recent donor scheme involving Murphy, in which a friend of his, Ibrahim Al-Rashid, started a straw donor scheme, which “occurs when a wealthy donor skirts legal limits on political donations by funneling money into campaigns using other people’s names,” according to The Hill.

Rubio said it, just like Clinton’s emails, proves that the current crop of Democratic candidates isn’t fit for office.

“This was clearly someone [Murphy] is close to,” Rubio said of Al-Rashid. “We can’t afford to have leaders with clouds like this over their heads.”

According to The Hill, they had found no evidence Murphy knew about the scheme or was connected to it himself as of their article on Wednesday.

On Donald Trump, Rubio said he still supported him, and under no circumstances could he ever allow Clinton to take the presidency.

“This wasn’t my first choice,” Rubio said on supporting Trump. “I wanted to be president. I wanted to be the nominee. But we need someone to stand up to the next president, and I’m the only one who can do that.”