Medicaid mandate rule hearing is a quickie

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It could be the quickest meeting ever held.

The Agency for Health Care Administration on Monday conducted a rule hearing that was less than five minutes long because no one showed up. The proposed rule, 59G-7.007, implements the health insurance premiums payment program, where the state would use Medicaid dollars to reimburse patients who have access to commercial insurance through their employers.

The only attendee at the meeting other than Agency for Health Care Administration staff was Craig Meyer, account executive at Government Healthcare Solutions, a Xerox company. The company since 2008 has been under contract with the state to recover Medicaid dollars erroneously paid to third parties.

Government Healthcare Solutions also is under contract with the Florida Health Choices Program, which could benefit if 59G-7.007 is implemented. The proposed rule requires Medicaid patients who are deemed “cost effective” to buy employer-sponsored health insurance if they have access to it.

Patients are cost effective if their insurance premiums, payments, co-deductibles and co-insurance requirements would equal less than what Medicaid would pay for that person on a monthly basis.  Also considered in the cost-effective formula is an administrative fee to administer the new health insurance premium payment program.

The proposal requires federal approval. The agency holds hearings on a proposed rule only when requested. The proposed rule is open for public comment until November 25 at 5 pm.