Must-read: School board member’s bizarre outburst on code breaking and 9/11 attacks

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In a rambling, bizarre five-minute statement, Marion County School Board vice-chair Angie Boynton closed out Tuesday’s live meeting with allegations of secret codes, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and a fear for the lives of her and her adult daughter.

Boynton also said she forwarded deciphered secret codes over ten years ago to both then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and then-President George W. Bush reports Joe Callahan of the Ocala StarBanner.

Often silent at board meetings, Boynton usually offers only brief comments. Tuesday’s comments came at the meeting’s end, when the group addresses school-related matters.

After her tirade, none of the other members, or staff, made any remarks. On Wednesday, few commented on Boynton’s statements.

“I don’t know what to say about that,” School Board member Nancy Stacy told Callahan. “None of us have anything to say because it caught us all off guard.”

Boynton is up for re-election in August, and was speaking to an otherwise unknown individual through the television monitor. Whoever that person was, he wanted her answers broadcast during the airing of the board meeting, she said.

“There is someone watching this television show tonight who would like for me to respond to some questions for them,” Boynton said. “I got your message and I do believe that God is greater than any concern you sent to me.”

“I can’t bow down to Islam,” she added, “in the sense that I was raised to love and respect God — the God that I know.”

Then Boynton directly addressed the person about the “message.”

“I will say to you, you understand that I did meet with Ahmed … Like Ahmed understood, I will walk away from anything confrontational.”

As she finished her conversation with the television camera, Boynton loosely explained what was going on.

“Just so you understand,” Boynton said directly to the camera, “a lot people don’t know I was going through a lot of things, and I kept it to myself.”

Boynton described how she broke a code that had to do with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, sending information to both the President and Gov. Bush.

“It was about 9/11 … You are going to get sketchy thoughts,” she told the committee. “I am not able to talk to anyone about it. And the police are not able to come near me, and they should continue their stance with that. I do have help, and I am OK. But there was someone who wanted to hear something on TV.”

Looking back at the camera, she told the unidentified person: “So I hope I pleased you.”

On Wednesday, Boynton followed up by saying “federal agents” are in the process of investigating threats made to her and her daughter, who does not live in Marion County.

When asked if she had mental issues or was in treatment, she responded, “I’m not crazy.”

“I am not on medication, I’m not under counseling,” she added. “I know it sounds strange, but I can’t talk about it right now.”

Board member Ron Crawford told the Star Banner after the meeting he did not know what Boynton was talking about during her strange outburst. He refused to speculate on the issue.

Board member Carol Ely said she was “puzzled.”

“I am very concerned, and I don’t know what we can do,” Ely told Callahan. “I don’t understand why she chose to close the meeting like that.”

The video is below, Boynton’s comments start at about the 49:00 mark:

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