New DCCC video shows “why voters cannot trust Carlos Curbelo”

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Voters simply cannot trust Republican candidate Carlos Curbelo, says a new web video released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Why We Can’t Trust Carlos,” questions the loyalties of Curbelo, the Miami-Dade School Board member facing incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia in Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

The DCCC digital ad alleges Curbelo – a lobbyist — of putting himself, paying clients and partisan allies such as Mitt Romney, who is pictured in the spot endorsing Curbelo over South Florida families.

In a statement from the DCCC, the spot is set to coincide with Curbelo’s refusal to disclose lobbying clients in the wake of a Miami New Times report saying the GOP candidate “has a history of approving contracts for campaign donors.”

“Carlos Curbelo puts one person first: Carlos Curbelo,” said DCCC spokesperson David Bergstein. “Whether … hiding his lobbying clients, funneling millions of tax dollars to his campaign contributors or pushing the agenda of his allies like Mitt Romney to stack the deck against the middle class, Curbelo puts his own political ambitions first.

“Which is why South Florida families can’t trust Curbelo in Congress,” Bergstein added.

In response, Carlos Curbelo for Congress Communications Director Wadi Gatian issued the following statement:

“While the DCCC is trying to pivot from the cloud of controversy and scandals  surrounding Joe Garcia and his campaign – including the fact that his campaign remains under FBI investigation for the potential illegal financing of a straw candidate – Carlos Curbelo, contrary to Joe Garcia, can proudly campaign on the values of honest, ethical, and responsible leadership.

“At a time when our community is eager for responsible, effective leadership these frivolous attacks will not stand,” he added.

“Why We Can’t Trust Carlos” is now available on Youtube.

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