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Owner of high-end condo is being sued for drunken obnoxiousness

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It’s not your usual take on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Typically problems facing people who own half-million-dollar condos include first world problems like where to park their BMW without it getting dinged by a lesser breed of car.

That’s not the case for 58-year-old Brian Daly, who is being sued by his neighbor, mostly for being an obnoxious jerk. As of last summer, police had responded to Daly’s 24th-floor condo in downtown St. Pete’s Signature Tower a whopping 48 times. According to St. Pete Police spokesman Mike Puetz in a Tampa Bay Times article last year, that’s more calls at one high-end condo than in some neighborhoods in an entire year.

Daly is being sued by the owner of the condo next door, Dr. Nathan Morris Hameroff. Hameroff is a radiologist who owns and rents out his Signature Tower Condo. He’s seeking damages for losing three tenants who say they were run off by Daly’s “drunken and obnoxious” behavior. One tenant also received substantially lower rent for dealing with Daly’s antics.

Complaints include Daly’s frequent intoxication, which allegedly led him to be seen wandering the halls of his floor completely naked, throwing fireworks and clothing from the balcony and even  handcuffing a woman to the balcony railing.

According to the lawsuit, the condo association last year demanded of Daly to “immediately take all action to rectify and address your behavior.”

Hameroff’s lawsuit includes written testimony from previous tenants alleging Daly made one woman feel like “a prisoner in [her] own unit.” Another tenant purchased a stun gun for his wife, who felt threatened by Daly. That same resident, financial adviser Dean Hoover, said he and his son saw “Daly and his girlfriend in a violent argument while Mr. Daly was pacing in the hallway completely naked. Out of concern for the safety of my family, I felt that I had no choice after this incident but to terminate my lease early.”

Daly had been married to Cheryl Daly. His ex-wife filed for divorce in 2011. She accused Daly of trying to smother her with a pillow and head-butting her hard enough to give her a black eye and bloody nose.

Since then the divorce has been finalized with Cheryl Daly relinquishing all financial rights to the condo. Daly has also added to his police file multiple calls to 911. There were 18 calls in just one day. He was charged with misdemeanor use of 911 as a result.

The lawsuit was filed against Daly on February 20.

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