Pam Bondi: “We absolutely should not have requested” execution be rescheduled for political fundraiser

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Do you think it’s appropriate for the state of Florida to postpone an execution because of a political fundraiser?

That’s exactly what happened in the case of convicted killer Marshall Lee Gore and now Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi are facing tough questions about it.

Gov. Scott scheduled Gore’s execution for Tuesday night at 6 p.m.

But Attorney General Pam Bondi had already scheduled a political fundraiser in Tampa for her re-election campaign that night, so she asked Scott to change the date from September 10.

Gov. Scott agreed to postpone the execution until October 1.

But he insists he did not know that Bondi’s reason for the request was because of a political fundraiser.

“No, I did not. We set the date. The attorney general’s office asked for a postponement so we went along with that.

Scott was asked if he would have postponed the execution if he had known the reason.

“We try to comply with when another Cabinet member asks for something, we try to work with them.”

Late Monday, Bondi acknowledged she should not have asked to move the execution date.

“As a prosecutor, there was nothing more important than seeing justice done, especially when it came to the unconscionable act of murder. I personally put two people on death row and, as Attorney General, have already participated in eight executions since I took office, a role I take very seriously.

“The planned execution of Marshall Lee Gore had already been stayed twice by the courts, and we should not have requested that the date of the execution be moved.”